Will the SS Work with the Hero 5/Hero 6?




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    CMD Z

    "Yes" is a bit of a misleading answer. Does it "work"? Yes. Does it work the way the product is presented? Nope.

    Consider that this product was not designed for the Hero 5 or 6:

    • You need to hack (or buy) a counter balance because there is no sliding adjustment for the heavier GoPro 5/6 (this was designed for the 4 series and earlier) causing it to a) droop and have difficulty maintaining a horizon and b) cause the motors to work extra hard (see next item) resulting in grinding noises
    • The primary microphone is right next to a motor resulting in loud grinding noises in your video
    • The mount is very tight (too small) so you have to jam the GoPro in, rubbing against the record button and making it difficult to mount/unmount in the field
    • The GoPro power button is blocked and the metal gimbal housing blocks the "power on" signal from the GoPro remote, so you have to turn the GoPro on before mounting (see item above) and unmount the GoPro to turn it off (the remote still works with record functionality)

    So far, this still seems to be the best option on the market. Even GoPro has issues with sound on the Karma Grip. The Evo SS is super compact and has replaceable batteries for extended sessions. It's not perfect, but nothing else was able to convinced me to spend hard earned cash.

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    EVO now has a dedicated mount for the Hero5 6 & 7. So for an additional $44.00 you have a usable gimbal....something a wee bit wrong there.....

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